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Vitality Cupping Set

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An absolute STAPLE in everyone's self-care routine should be the Vitality Cupping Set!! Once you use them, you will wonder how on earth you ever managed your pain without them. We call these the Vitality Cups because of the small spheres of Tourmaline that are embedded around the rim of the cup that release negative ions when put under pressure. Negative ions are known to promote healing and improve overall mood and physical health...hence the name Vitality Cups! These cups measure 5.7 cm (2.25 inches) in diameter by 2.54 cm (1 inch) high and the amount of suction they have will rival any cup on the market! The design of the Vitality Cups makes them quick and easy to apply whether you are applying them on yourself or on someone else. The most amazing thing about these cups is that they are perfect for boney areas where traditional cups just won't stay put...the jaw (TMJ discomfort? Rejoice!!) wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, feet and even the shoulder and collarbone area. Really, there is nowhere these cups can't be put and with a set of 4 you can also overlap the edge of the cups for a Blanket Cupping technique - can't do that with traditional cups...

Technique Style: Intended for Static/Stationary techniques only.

Material: Made from a premium food-grade silicone. Embedded around the rim of the cup are small spheres of Tourmaline. 55 degree silicone grade/hardness.

There areĀ 4 cups in a set, with each cup being the exact same size.

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