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Base Cupping Set

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Made from one of the highest quality, medical-grade silicone compounds, the Base Cupping Set is one of the most versatile around for Self-Care! These cups are a softer, custom blended, silicone material made specifically for Global Cupping Products. These cups work best when used with massage lotion or oil and are easy to use in either a gliding/sliding or stationary/static manner all over the body! Please note we recently changed the name of this cupping set.

  • Easier to apply than most of the cups on the market so they are easier on your hands
  • Easier for non-professionals to adjust the amount of suction
  • Easier to control the cups and use them for sliding/gliding on the skin

To apply the cups, use your fingers to hold - or lift – up the base of the cup slightly, and press or roll the cup down onto the skin as you press down on the dome top with the palm of your hand. This will cause the air to release and form a good suction with the skin.

Alternatively, squeeze the sides of the cup to form an oblong shape and press or roll the cup down onto the skin. Release the cup as you press down and the silicone will attempt to bounce back to its original position, thereby creating the suction.  

Techniques: Work well for both gliding/sliding and stationary/static techniques.

Material: Made from a premium medical-grade silicone, 55 degree hardness/silicone grade. These cups also come in a 60 degree silicone grade/hardness and a 65 degree silicone grade/hardness. If your request is for the 60 or 65 grade, please ensure that a note is made on your order during checkout or email us at [email protected] with your name and order number and we will make the adjustment at no additional charge.

There are 4 cups in the set - 1 Large Cup (3.5" x 4.5"), 1 Medium Cup (2" x 3.25"), 1 Small Cup (1.75" x 2.5") and 1 Extra-Small Cup (1.25" x 4.5")

  • The Large sized cup works great on the back, hips, thighs and hamstrings.
  • The Medium sized cup works great on the calves and shoulders. 
  • The Small sized cup works great on the arms and lower neck.
  • The Extra Small sized cup works great on small areas like the hands and feet.

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